Exco US is pleased to announce the opening of its coworking space; Do not hesitate to make an appointment and come enjoy the facilities available to you in a modern, functional, and convivial framework.

To achieve your goals, the EXCO US Atrium develops an ongoing relationship with its customers around three values:  proximity, active listening, and responsiveness.

Open 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM, 24 hour access with key card. Public Parking available.

  • Ocean view

  • 5 minutes walk to Goverment Station (M° Rail et M° Mover)

  • High speed Internet

  • Conference room available

  • Secretary available for phone calls

  • Parking available for $80 a month

Offices available: 

1 office for 3/4 employees : $1800 a month
1 office for 2 employees : $1300 a month
1 Open Space > Location : $500 a month

1 office for 4/5 employees

25m2 with Biscayne Bay view

5 large offices in wenged wood equiped with storage boxes, 4 egronomic chairs, a storage unit, and 2 storage boxes

$2400 a month 

1 office for 2 employees

12m2 with Biscayne Bay view

1 corner desk with a wenged wood desk with storage boxes, 2 egronomic chairs, 3 reception chairs, coffee table, side table (all furniture is brand new)

$1300 a month 

Open Space with 4 locations available

18m2 with Biscayne Bay view

Open space to share with other companies. All desks are equipped are furnished with storage boxes and egronomic chairs.

$500 a month for the location

 $400 a month for 2 people