Aline keeps supporting FIPA :

FIPA is the French International Program Association

FIPA was created 25 years ago when the superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools decided to improve the level of public education in Miami and opened bilingual programs of education including French. Since then, FIPA has never stopped enhancing  the French International Studies Program in five public schools of Miami by leading actions such as:

  • Donations to schools for financial support of teacher’s salary
  • Assistant teachers financing
  • Faculty training
  • Teachers’ support (travel and visa expenses, certifications)
  • French culture promotion (French books purchase, creation of Frenchvideo & book clubs, francophonie…)
  • Assist in Teachers recruiting
  • Organization of French events on and off campus

FIPA is great but FIPA alone is nothing. FIPA needs your continuing support to exist. Thanks to your generous contributions and donations FIPA can participate in these endeavors that make the French program thrive.