Immigration’s business plan

We help business owners identify the key drivers of profitability so they can make informed business decisions. We understand that small- to medium-sized businesses face many of the same complex business decisions as larger companies, although probably not every day. Therefore, a full-time CFO or controller may not be necessary. As the need arises, we provide outsourced CFO functions to assist our clients in making informed strategic business decisions.

A large part of our practice is devoted to providing outsourced accounting and reporting to our clients. Our services range from reporting in US GAAP , UK GAAP , French GAAP and IFRS to completly outsourced accounting department.

We tailor these services to fit our client’s individual needs, while providing management with real-time information that can be used for more effective decision-making.

By providing outsourced accounting, and CFO services, we allow business owners to focus on what they do best – serving their own clients.

Some of our clients find themselves dealing with an unexpected vacancy from their CFO. Other clients experience unexpected or unplanned rapid growth phase.

The good news from an income or sales perspective can quickly turn sour if the right financial systems are not in place to take advantage and manage that growth. Your company has a great accounting staff, No matter how skilled in payables or receivables an accountant is, they cannot be expected to effectively function as a financial leader without the proper training and experience. The benefit of having an experienced financial leader on their team who can be called upon and used as needed. Merger? Acquisition? Change is business model? By capitalizing on the diverse experience and education of our professionals, our firm has the ability to provide the right solution when it’s needed.

Clients span several industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Non Profit Foundation
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Healthcare


Part-time or temporary, our qualified professionals have the expertise and the personality to provide the financial services you need, when you need them.