EXCO US outsources your accounting, accounts receivable management, receipt of invoices, accounting entry, payroll, bank reconciliation and reporting


  • Provision of an address and an office
  • Receipt of mail and customer checks
  • Mail transmission to France by e-mail after scanning


  • Issue and dispatch of sales invoices
  • Deposit of checks in bank
  • Reporting evolution of customer portfolio to the parent company
  • Invoicing / Customer follow-up
  • Permanent cash Position


  • Calculation of commissions
  • Coordination of payroll issuance with external organization according to the frequency chosen (semi-monthly, monthly, etc.)

Human resources

  • Help with recruiting employees
  • Human resources support
  • Medical insurance coordination
  • Advice on Company Policies (internal operating rules of the local structure)


  • Receipt of supplier invoices
  • Transmission of these scanned invoices to the parent company
  • Payment (or direct debit) authorization request
  • Issue of payment with (or without) delegation of signature on bank accounts


  • Computer monitoring of inventory
  • Inventory reconciliation
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