The majority of companies operating in the United States do not have a good knowledge of the specificities of the market and are not familiar with accounting, social, tax, and legal obligations in the US. Because of their location abroad – irrespective of the difference between the accounting standards used on either side of the Atlantic – these companies must be able to provide financial statements that can be used by their various local partners and their parent company (consolidation work or information on results, etc.)

  • Constitution of companies, obtaining visas, assistance with the opening of bank accounts, registration, with the social and tax services, etc.
  • Registration
  • Immigration business plan
  • Registered address
  • Choice of US state best suited for the job
  • Creation of legal structure: LLC, C corp, S corp
  • Application for tax registration – EIN
  • Application for social registration


The United States is the first destination destination for French expatriates. As part of its implementation, the “expat” or expatriate, must face the constraints of the two time zones (and their effect “jet lag”), as well as those of the two accounting and fiscal regimes (double dipping) … EXCO US assists in its efforts and offers the advantages of a local structure linked to the skills of an international group.

Calculation of the gross up of expatriates

  • Taxation
  • Social aspects and medical coverage
  • Tax optimization for the individual
  • Tax optimization for the company
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